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I used to be a manager at a bowling alley. My shifts were spent patiently listening to the concerns of retired seniors, motivating teenage employees to clean spills, and serving daytime cocktails to moms whose kids were running out on the lanes. This was my education in how to connect with all different kinds of people.

These days, I am a photographer of people. The perfect day for me is meeting someone new, learning about who they are, and finding out what motivates them. I love figuring out how to translate that into a photograph.

I’ve never been the kind of artist that enjoys starting with a blank canvas. I thrive when given a set of parameters to work within. I enjoy the collaborative process that comes along with executing a creative director's vision. I geek out on the magic of light and strive continually to learn new ways to influence it. However, I try not to get too hung up on the technical aspects of photography because, in my opinion, being a keen portrait photographer means relating to people.

Partial Client List

LA Metro, Giant Bicycles, Sharp Healthcare, Qualcomm, UPS Store, Mindvalley, Nutrien, Grail, Command Alkon, California Premier Solar Construction, Carlisle, Elemica, Hype, American Pacific Mortgage, Teamwork Athletic Apparel, Star 8 Financial, Child Development Associates, Glumac, Architects Mosher Drew, Navican, Sequenom, Research Facilities Design, Roland, Moraware, Refinity, EPC Power, TIAA Bank, Hope Engineering, Vasquez Marshall Architects, California American Water, Museum of Photographic Arts, AGK Design Studio, Carter Interior Concepts, Full Swing Golf, Fix Auto, Frontline Direct, Pet Box, San Diego Central Library, Lux Art Institute, Leichtag Foundation, New School of Architecture & Design, Provide Commerce, Cross Country Mortgage, Quest Diagnostics, Profit Recovery Partners.